Where we are

We are located in Seville, about an hour outside of Melbourne, just off the Warburton Hwy. Unfortunately there is little public transport around, but we have plenty of parking onsite.

45 Davross Court, Seville 3139.

How to get a booking

Bookings are released one calendar month in advance at 9am each morning. Bookings can only be taken via this website.

Kids and babies are welcome. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate fur babies.

There is a 15% surcharge applied on Public Holidays

What to wear

Melbourne can be fickle with her weather, so please bring along a jacket if you get cold easily (especially if seated outside) and a hat/sunglasses as some outside tables can get some sun throughout the day. We will have sunscreen and insect repellant on hand for your use. 

Attica Summer Camp is a casual place, so please dress up or down as you see fit.

We do not offer Gift Vouchers for sale


Inside & Outside


Floor to ceiling windows and a great view of the valley. Table inside are limited and can be booked in advance


An open-aired, all-weather dining room, also with views of the valley and clear blinds that can be pulled on rainy or windy days. Partially heated when it is cold, but please bring a jacket just in case. Tables can be booked in advance.


Weather dependant area in front of the dining room for looking over the valley. We reserve these tables for walk-ins only, but space is very limited and each table can only seat 2-3 people.


Weather dependant are for snacks and drinks under the vines with low tables and cushions to sit on. Please note this area is not serviced so you will need to order drinks and snacks at the bar. This space is reserved for walk in tables only and space is very limited.

What's on the menu?

An a la carte menu of local foods, cooked simply with passion and care.